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Make Your Feet Happy, and They Will Return the Favor

Make Your Feet Happy, and They Will Return the Favor They take a lot of abuse, they don’t talk back and they are the foundation upon which we stand. Question: What are your feet? We take them for granted. We abuse them with ill fitting, but handsome or cute (gender dependent), containers we call shoes.…

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Eat Whatever You Like

Eat Whatever You Like New Research in Science Allows You to Eat Whatever You Like and Live… Forever Yes, the newest discoveries in science now allow you to eat whatever you want. You no longer need to concern yourself with avoiding your favorite foods that use to add pounds and have negative health effects. Called…

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Sitting Kills

Sitting Kills Sitting Kills Millions of Americans Smoking one cigarette is estimated to cut 8 minutes off your life span. The newest studies estimate that sitting for one hour, without getting up and walking around, delete the same 8 minutes of your life. Life Lesson #18- get up and walk around, be more active, take…

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The Secret to Living & Being Happier

The Secret to Living & Being Happier Be happy. That’s the secret. If you fill out a Health Risk Assessment for your company, the key question is how happy you are with your life and how happy you are about your overall health. That’s it. How you answer those two questions are the key components…

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Do Nothing to Be Healthier Forever

Do Nothing to Be Healthier Forever The Easiest Way to Be Healthier Forever Do “nothing”, that’s the answer! Be healthier forever by doing nothing… Clarifying that, don’t go out of your way to do unhealthy things. Reserve you energy, time, and money. When tempted by that tasty morsel or sugary drink, don’t do anything. Leave…

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Obama Care and You

Obama Care and You Affordable Care Act, Obama Care and You Everyone asks me how Obama Care is going to affect me and my practice. I’ll answer that in a minute. I ask you, how is Obama Care going to affect you? With or without the new law, your health care gets more expensive every…

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