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Let us help you on your path to

pain relief

Our 3-Pronged approach brings it all together for your Rapid Recovery

Let us help you on your path to

pain relief

Our 3-Pronged approach brings it all together for your Rapid Recovery

Chiropractor St. Charles IL Mark Glesene
Dr. Mark Glesener D.C.

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Welcome to Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians located in St. Charles IL. Our St. Charles IL chiropractors are focused on your rapid and long-term recovery. Get pain relief fast with the 3-Pronged Approach of our Rapid Recovery Difference. Selling treatments you don’t need, scheduling you for countless visits, that’s just not us. Most of our patients recover from their pain in 7 visits.

Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians

The doctors at Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians, just think differently. We offer outstanding chiropractic care coupled with an innovative and progressive approach, The Rapid Recovery Difference. There is no one else in the St. Charles IL area as focused on your recovery, and respectful of your time and money, than us. The average number of treatments a patient receives for a painful condition in the western suburbs, and greater Chicago area, is 19. Our average is 7. That’s something we are proud of and work hard to maintain.


A Chiropractic Team You Can Trust


Pain limits activities throughout your day, making life harder. Chronic pain ages your brain, making you old before your time. We have a sense of urgency and are focused on getting you better faster and helping you stay better longer.

Joints work as a team, with each one bending in harmony. From old injury, wear from aging, bad posture, and stress, joints become loose or stuck. When you move, the loose ones become looser, and do all the work because the stuck ones don’t move. That causes pain. We adjust the stuck ones to make them work right, so they can all play nice, and each do their job without pain.

Soft tissue becomes dense, like a callous, in response to wear and injury. The soft tissue of your skin forms a callous when you overuse it. Inside, fascia wraps the soft tissue of muscle, tendon, ligament, and nerve just like skin. The fascia does not stretch, it only slides. The fascia gets dense (calloused) from wear. This makes the area feel hard, tight, immobile, and painful. Stecco Fascial Manipulation and Graston are two specialized techniques our doctors utilize to restore normal soft tissue movement. The result is pain relief, allowing the area to move pain free and be healthy.

Muscle only exist to hold together and move joints. Making them work in harmony, and turning them on at the brain level, is essential to initial recovery and long-term stability. Our personalized prescription exercise programs focus on what your body needs.

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Chiropractor St. Charles IL Mark Glesener
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I chose the St. Charles IL area because it felt like home. I was looking for an area that had a sense of community which is what the Fox Valley area and St. Charles IL embodies. I enjoy the pride people have in this community and have done my best to foster that. It has been a great place to raise my children and I plan on being around for a long time.

We are conveniently located on East Main Street St. Charles IL, next to Heines Brother’s Green House, across the street from Don McQue Chevy. Getting to your doctor can be challenging. We have been on Main Street in St. Charles IL for over 30 years to make that easier for you.


We are committed to work with our patients to provide a personalized experience, focused on their rapid recovery and long-term success

Getting people pain free and fostering health is what gets me going in the morning. Everyone deserves to be pain-free and enjoy life. My team and I are here so you can feel your best.

Achieving patient pain relief can be challenging. Many doctors and therapists keep doing the same treatments expecting a different result. If you don’t feel better, the same treatment continues. Our 7-visit average shows we’re different.

We continue adding and updating our treatment techniques. We specialize in the recovery of conditions which have not improved with regular medical, physical therapy and chiropractic care. When looking for a local chiropractor in St. Charles IL we want to make it easy, and your treatment effective. We go beyond chiropractic care, we deliver physical therapy exercises, massage, Graston Technique, Stecco Fascial Manipulation, home exercise programs, and nutritional support.

All our education and work is about you. By providing short-term treatment and long-term recovery we optimize each patient’s experience. Our goal, getting you better faster and keeping you better longer.

Call us or schedule online. Sometimes you just have a question and don’t need an appointment, call us and set up a free phone consultation. If you are concerned about our ability to help, schedule online for a free consultation, or leave us a question.