Cell Phone Neck in St. Charles IL and How to Fix It

Cell Phone Neck in St. Charles IL and How to Fix It

Cell Phone Neck in St. Charles IL and How to Fix It

I won't go into how much time the average American spends looking down at their cell phone and other personal electronic devises. To be brief, it's A LOT. This is not just a U.S. issue, but a worldwide one.
The British Chiropractic Association reports a 60% rise in spinal pain amongst 16-24 year olds in the last year. That head down posture is causing and aggravating neck pain in my patients as well.

Professionally, I have seen the slouched posture in one of my patients in St. Charles IL cause a herniated disc. btw- the 16-24 year olds are the flexible ones. Think about what it is doing to us 29 year olds, hahahahaha, lol.

The average British person spends 1.8 hours looking at their phone, almost 4 hours on their laptop, over one hour playing games on a digital device, and almost 3 hours watching TV. omg, I imagine we are all doing our best to keep up with the Brits.

I'm not going to put it down, and neither are you. The remedy is to manage your posture. Use the following recommendations to prevent that pain, stiffness and deterioration in your neck.

Neck Stretching in St. Charles IL

Hold it up. Put your elbows at your side with your arms bent at 90 degrees. Bring the cell phone up to your eyes, instead of your head down to the phone.
Sit up. Slouching while on the phone makes the head down posture even worse. This is the same posture I find causing middle back pain in people who play video games. It can make your entire spine hurt.
Get an ear piece. They are cool now. - I have seen people wearing them everywhere like jewelry.
It prevents that awkward 'hold my little phone up to my ear with my shoulder' posture
It keeps you from putting everyone on speaker
They are required to drive and talk in most states
Take a break, Look up. Focus on an object in the distance. Your eyes need a break too.
Move your neck 6 times slowly and carefully in six directions: forward, backward, left side, right side, right rotation, left rotation. This increases blood flow to the muscles and joints.
Yes, the six repetition number is researched and confirmed to be the number of repetitions required to warm up muscles and joints.
Take care of your neck, you only have one of them. Pass this along to the other users in your household, and your friends at work. If they have become addicts from chronic abuse, and now have debilitating pain, send them in. They are mostly all rehabilitate-able. I know the disease well, and have the cure.
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