Chiropractic Testimonials

"Thank you Dr. Glesener and staff, how do I even begin to say thank you after almost 30 years! Dr. Glesener you have treated me, along with your staff, through a late in life pregnancy, several auto accidents, many falls, pre & post surgeries and general pain. You have taught me so much on how to get healthier in so many was, how to breath correctly and improve my posture, how to strengthen my core, what to do when the pain begins, how to exercise safely & take water aerobic classes, provided physical therapy, taught me what supplements work best, what not to take, what meds cause negative side effects for me, when to ice/heat and even what pillow to sleep on, etc.

You have been there for me me after hours in emergency situations when I was unable to get help elsewhere and without complaint. There is no other physician or Chiropractor who can compare with you & no other practice that comes close to providing a friendly, fun, safe educational environment like yours. Each time I needed help or was unsure as to what was going on with my body you always had the answer, the diagnosis, the cure and you were always right! You took the time to explain in a patient caring manner on numerous occasions, in terms I could understand.

You never spoke down to me or elevated yourself, like some doctors tend to do. You are so down to earth and genuine, you are brilliant yet humble, the best qualities and characteristics in a human being and esp. in a doctor. I seriously do not know what I am going to do without you or your staff now that I am moving to Florida. All I can hope for is that the weather will help my conditions and that I will continue to do all the things you & your staff have taught me to do. I know I will never find another Dr. Glesener! May God bless you always for your goodness to me, my family and to all your other patients!

Thank you Nate for the superb massage therapy you have provided for so many years. Nate you are the best! I will miss you greatly. I wish you the best life has to offer. You are a wonderfully funny, good natured guy!

Dr. Turrell, Thanks for the countless hours patiently teaching me my physical therapy exercises. I promise to do them (wink) have a blessed life with your wife and sweet baby Vivian.

"Thanks to all your clinical and office staff over the years. All the best! Please visit me in the Gulf if you are ever in my area. I am serious about that! I will miss you more than you know."

- Concetta H.

"I came in for a neck injury due to a car crash. Dr. Glesener and his staff have made me feel better than I have in years. I have had past history of neck issues and migraine headaches and they have almost disappeared. I have stopped taking Advil everyday. His treatment combined with rehab and therapy has worked wonders on me. I have been treated by 3 other doctors and have never had relief like this before. I would highly recommend the Facial Manipulation for your chronic pain. It has helped my migraines! Nate and Stacey are wonderful and completely entertaining..."

- Kara S.

"My most recent visit to see Dr. Glesener began with neck pain and headaches. I had my appointment on a Friday and by the following Monday my neck and head felt much better. At a follow up appointment I mentioned the ulnar neuritis, a condition that caused numbness in my hands, which I had suffered from for more than 15 years. Dr. Glesener performed Fascial Manipulation on me. In less than a week I had been able to sleep through the night without my hands falling asleep. I was blown away at the results from that treatment. I love the treatment I receive at Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians. I am not simply adjusted and sent home. I have received massage, electric muscle stimulation, ultra sound and exercise, all to help heal and build back up my physical condition. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Glesener and his wonderful staff at Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians."

- Jennifer F.

"I consulted Dr. Glesener and his team for treatment for fibromyalgia caused from chemotherapy. I had sought treatment with traditional medicine (pain pills, anti-depressants) for 4 years following chemo. Dr. Glesener and his team led me through many changes that involved diet, massage, vitamins and exercise. All of these components together have led me out of severe, constant pain to pain free days, then weeks and then months.

I am grateful to Dr. Glesener and each member of his staff for constant encouragement and positive energy.

Expect the best from Dr. Glesener and his staff because that is what they deliver!"

- Michelle A.

"After going to another chiropractor with limited success, I came to see Dr. Glesener. With his focus on rehab and therapy, I was able to see results in areas that I thought may never feel normal again.

Dr. Glesener is continually looking for new techniques that get to the root of my problems.

If you are looking for an answer to problems that other chiropractors can not find, I recommend you contact Dr. Glesener. He and his staff will treat you right."

- Curt G.

"I have seen Dr. Glesener for many things: shoulder, feet, neck, back, car accident, etc... He always has the ability to fix the pain, provide long term exercises that help and keep me going. In addition, he has been such a huge help to my daughter, who is an athlete in college. He has made a tremendous difference in her athletic performance by relieving her foot, ankle and leg pain! She continues to play volleyball at a collegiate level thanks to him.

Dr. Glesener is our "go to doc" for any unmanageable pain - we always feel better after we've seen him!"

- Lori G.

"I live overseas for most of the year. I have visited several chiropractors in my city, but was never satisfied with their procedures or felt that they effectively addressed my concerns. My original purpose in seeking a chiropractor in the St. Charles area was for a yearly "tune up" to relieve built up stress related tension and to realign my body with chiropractic adjustment. When I began my online research, I was impressed by the stories from other patients and quickly discovered that they were easily verified. Dr. Glesener is a highly qualified practitioner who emphasizes the importance of nutrition in maintaining health and wellness. He takes the time to explain the reasons for existing issues and what he can do to correct them. Dr. Glesener and his staff are friendly, caring, and competent, as well as extremely knowledgeable in other areas of expertise besides their own specialties. I made an appointment and Dr. Glesener said it was a problem with a nerve coming from my neck.

I fell in January outside my home in Italy and have had constant shoulder and knee pain ever since. I received no relief from the physicians there and was told that "these things just take time to heal." My first stop after arriving in St. Charles was at Dr. Glesener office for a complete examination. He immediately began a regiment of treatments designed to restore me to full mobility, flexibility and range of motion. I've received manual adjustments, ultrasound treatments, massage therapy, physical therapy and exercises designed to aid my situation, electric stimulation therapy, graston method and hot, cold treatments. After only 8 visits, I can truthfully say that I am that I am finally pain free. If I had lived in St. Charles as a permanent resident, and had been able to see Dr. Glesener and his staff sooner, I am confident that I wouldn't have had to endure 6 months of pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Glesener to anyone who suffers from joint pain, muscle pain, or any other issues-especially if you've sought traditional" relief without lasting success."

- Hacker N.

"I had experienced pain in my left arm & shoulder for over 1 year. My primary physician ordered x-rays and found nothing wrong. I decided to consult a chiropractor. My son told me I must see Dr. Glesener. I made an appointment and Dr. Glesener said it was a problem with a nerve coming from my neck.

I had been treated for a frozen shoulder many years ago with similar symptoms. Treatment at that time took 7 to 8 months of painful therapy. Not only was Dr. G's treatments not painful, but sometimes even pleasant. I was also given some great exercises to be done at home; all with wonderful results. I was successfully discharged after only 2 months of treatment.

I am very grateful to Dr. Glesener and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of treatment."

- Constance B.

"I was in a car accident which gave me sever back and neck pain; as well, I have been experiencing terrible foot pain. I had received chiropractic care for back pain in the past-with no lasting pain relief. Dr. Glesener, as well as each and every member of his staff, helped my long recovery become less painful by providing me with excellent medical care, coupled with the determination to end my chronic pain. Every treatment given to me was first explained in an easy -to-understand, relatable manner. Every member of the staff was compassionate, professional, and an expert in their particular service. Given the solution-driven atmosphere of Fox Valley Chiropractic, I feel significant pain relief, that I am confident I would not have had I received medical treatment somewhere else. In addition to all my medical care, I was able to have my young son attend the lengthy sessions in comfort. He actually enjoyed coming to the office because he had so much fun interacting with all the friendly staff!"

- Laura S.

"For many years, I have had varying degrees of neck and lumbar/tailbone discomfort. I've seen orthopedist, chiropractors, and physical therapists, without gaining much relief.Early in 2006, my firefighter nephew suggested I see Dr. Glesener.

Dr. G started working with me on a regular basis.My appointments included chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, strength building exercises, electric stimulation, heat, ultrasound, etc.I was given at-home exercises.Over the course of weeks/months, I steadily improved.I was not a quick fix - too many years of leading a very active lifestyle had taken a heavy toll.Today, I can sit the trot while riding my horse.I can drive my car or sit reading or watching TV and not constantly adjust my head position trying to find comfort - because I AM comfortable.I can put my head on my pillow and sleep well, not being awakened by neck and lumbar discomfort.These are enormous pluses in my life!! YEAH!!

I always look forward to my appointments.Dr. G is highly entertaining!It's obvious this man loves his work! His staff members are wonderful.The office girls always offer a warm, friendly greeting.The massage/physical therapists are great fun!! It's not uncommon to see them sing or dance.There's always laughter in this office.I walk in and feel like family.People who enjoy their work are usually good at their job.This is the case!!

And, I rarely have to wait more than a couple minutes for my appointment.This is doctor's office that runs on schedule - it can be done!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.Dr. G and his staff greatly improved my life!"

- Ellen S.

"The staff at Dr. Glesener's office is brilliant; not just in knowledge, but in how they care and treat their patients. Everyone is truly cared for.The massage therapy is wonderful.I always feel so much better leaving than when I came in.The staff is very dedicated to your well being.The hours are flexible and appointments can always be worked in.I have even come in without an appointment and been treated.The climate in the office is friendly and fun."

- Sharon C.

"Dr. Glesener has helped me a lot with his treatment.Even after my accident, I'm feeling a lot better because of treatment and therapy. Graston and stim have helped my spine, rib and neck, and knee problems that I've had for years.Thanks so much for everything! I'll be coming here for a lot longer & always come in with any problems I have.Thanks again!"

- Tami M.

"Neck/Spine Injury from Auto Accident, previous failed treatment.

Dr. G always without fail knows exactly why I'm in pain and the source of the pain.His treatment and his therapy staff has always helped me recover quickly.I have full confidence in his care and treatment, and feel very well taken care of and treated with respect and compassion.

Also, Dr. G treated my son when he was 4 years old for severe sinusitis.He was suffering for over 2 years and was on constant strong doses of AB, from other MD's, specialists who ran all the tests along with a CAT scan and gave no relief to my son and said he's have to remain on AB's on and off until he could have surgery @ 16 years old.

3 months after Dr.G treated my son with natural remedies and adjustments he was completely clear of sinusitis and it never returned and he's 15 now & still healthy!"

- Concetta H.

"This is a narrative of a personal experience with therapy administered by and under Dr. Mark Glesener's direction.

Increasing severe back pain was experienced after flipping a five gallon water jug over onto a dispenser.The pain initially was a twinge that rapidly increased to a jabbing severity that included the mid-back and the lower right ribs.Driving a car was difficult as turning the head, lifting the arms and legs resulted in severe back muscle spasms.There was no previous history of back injury though there was history of a car accident with concussion over two decades ago.Referral to Dr. Glesener was made through a patient who has been treated by Dr. Glesener for 15 years.

The exacerbating injury occurred Thursday night-by Friday the pain was so bad that even standing made the spinal column feel unstable.An appointment was obtained for Friday afternoon-muscle/nerve stimulation therapy was initiated with light massage that brought immediate relief.X-rays were taken to rule out vertebral fracture and additional therapy was administered.

Dr. Glesener had given the projection that the back would probably feel a lot better in two weeks.Being a mother of three- I didn't know if the pain and lack of function could be tolerated for that long. By Saturday - the pain and spasms were reduced to a level of 2 (on a scale from 1-10) from an original level 10.Function was restored! Dr. Glesener was able to adjust the vertebra by Saturday.By Monday pain was level 0-1.

Dr. Glesener explained that my injury required adjustment of vertebra in the thoracic region that might affect stomach acid production.The unexpected additional benefit of adjustment was that the daily nausea that was felt even with the daily intake of Prilosec was gone!The process of medication weaning is now taking place.

Here's a big heartfelt thank you to Dr. Glesener from a person who has been freed from acute back pain and the feeling of daily fatigue and nausea that has been experienced for years! Dr. Glesener is an excellent resource of information to help educate the patient on how to avoid future injury and has been able to correct what the best gastroenterologists have previously labeled "non dyspeptic ulcer" for the lack of any better label.

I have thorough confidence in referring patients to Dr. Glesener and his practice.He is an excellent communicator and educator.The staff at Fox Valley Chiropractic is also excellent.The atmosphere of the practice is upbeat and the massage therapists are very good and very knowledgeable.

Injury prevention education through physical therapy and exercise are strong points of this practice.I haven't felt this healthy in over a decade. In short - He's the Man!"

- Naomi I., D.D.S.

"I was looking for a chiropractor who would address the chronic neck, low back & joint pain that comes from the everyday stress of life. Dr. Glesener and his staff provided the comprehensive care I needed to live with arthritis in my knees and to relieve pain in my neck & back muscles. I have definitely experienced relief from adjustments, massage, ultrasound and the Graston Technique. With a wide variety of treatment options, relieve of pain can be achieved. Dr. Glesener will also tell you when it is best to see a surgeon to treat a condition that does not respond to more conservative treatments."

- Linda H.

"I have been treated over the years by Dr. Glesener for back pain. I was skeptical about going to see a chiropractor but I was in a lot of pain and was desperate to try anything. Dr. Glesener had me back on my feet and back to work in a few days. What impresses me most is that Dr. Glesener treats the problem not the symptoms. He trains you how to take care of your body to prevent further injury and reduce your time spent in pain."

- Joseph W.

"I was injured in a car accident in October 2006. I first came to Dr. Glesener in November 2006. At the time I was barely able to move. My neck, arm, shoulder and upper back gave me so much pain. Through a series of treatments (including: Graston, massage, stim, ultrasound, microstim, rehab exercises, infrared, nerve mobilization) I have improved tremendously. The environment of the office is none like I've ever experienced anywhere. All staff are nice & helpful & it makes a difference in your healing when you are cared for & treated by caring staff.

I would & do recommend other friends & colleagues to see Dr. Glesener. I would not be where I am today without Dr. Glesener & the staff. I'm able to play the piano again which I could not do when I came to see him."

- Nicole W.

"Before I came to see Dr. Glesener I would have headaches all week long. Sometimes each of my headaches would be 3-4 days long. Nothing would make them go away. Some days I'd just have to go to sleep to find relief. Dr. Glesener, Nate and Sam helped me get better. The doctor adjusted my neck & back and the massage therapists helped me rehab my neck and massaged me. By the end, now, I barely have headaches. Maybe I'll have one or two per week. They only last til the end of the day and aren't as painful as they were before I came to see Dr. Glesener. I'm so glad I came to see Dr. Glesener or else I would still be in pain all week long."

- Kelly L.

"I came here for the problem with my knees because I play basketball. Dr. Glesener has performed Graston on both my knees. It has really helped my knees so I'm ready to play more basketball. Everyone here is very nice and helpful. I recommend treatment to all my teammates on my sports teams."

- Roni R.

"Two years ago I got injured in a soccer game and as a result suffered from a hairline fracture in my knee. The treatment at Dr. Glesener's office helped tremendously. While other doctors could not determine what my injury was even with an x-ray, Dr. Glesener quickly recognized it and began treatment. Graston, a technique used by no other doctor I have been to, helped tremendously. By removing the scar tissue surrounding my fracture, Graston sped up my recovery process and helped me get back on the field sooner. Dr. Glesener, along with the entire staff, is kind and personable. I would choose no other chiropractic office to go to for my injuries."

- Rachel R.

"I consulted Dr. Glesener and his staff on a lower back injury. I was referred to them by a good friend of the family. Historically I have had issues in my neck that dated back over 10 years. I have consulted several chiropractors and physical therapists over the years but have never been able to stay off pain. With the help from Dr. Glesener and his staff I have been able to strengthen my neck in my back by various stretches, exercises, and adjustments. When I completed my rehab I was feeling better and also received an education on how to keep my self healthy and out of pain. The down to earth, compassionate staff is great. They made my time in pain much more bearable. I look forward to my monthly check ups and adjustments to make sure I am keeping on track with my health and wellness. I feel fortunate to have found Fox Valley Chiropractic. I would recommend them to any family and friends."

- FVC - You Rock!!

- John C.

"I came in for pain in my middle back and chest pain in the fall of 2006. This was after several doctors had tested me for heart problems and anxiety. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I thought it was worth a try since nothing else was working.

Dr. Glesener immediately noticed posture problems and through a detailed analysis determine a likely cause. He explained his diagnosis clearly and answered any questions I had. He put me on a 4 week physical therapy program and within 2 weeks my chest pain disappeared and after 4 I was released.

The staff was very professional and friendly and fun to be around. I will definitely come back and use Dr. Glesener again, as I am dealing with some shoulder problems right now.

I can't recommend him enough!"

- Mike A.

"I'm a copier guy. I walked into Dr. G's office to work on his copier. He noticed I didn't have any flexibility in my knees. Getting up has been very difficult for me, for a very long time. I needed to move better just to do my job. After one month I have much more flexibility in my knees and hips. I'm able to move up and down with no or little pain. Thanks Dr. G. Thank you very much."

- John C.

"I have five active children who work hard at their athletics and academics. I feel I can do my part to keep them healthy by sending them to see Dr. Glesener. It's a three fold process. First one being preventative, making sure the body is totally in tune for accuracy, agility, speed and general health. Secondly, they all feel the healing process is quickened for any ailments. Lastly, I am hoping to prevent or curtail aches and pains that they may experience when they are my age due to their active lives now. Thank you Dr. Glesener and staff."

- Patti H.


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