Find Your Best Neck Pillow Ever in St. Charles IL

Find Your Best Neck Pillow Ever in St. Charles IL

Find Your Best Neck Pillow Ever in St. Charles IL

I wish everyone had the perfect pillow. One that supported their neck and head while they sleep, allowing them to wake up pain free and refreshed in St. Charles IL.

My mission has lasted longer than my career. I grew up with down pillows. My mother used to buy down ticks at farm auctions. They were old mattresses stuffed with feathers. She would wash them and hang them in the sun for days on the clothesline. Then she would take the old broken feather down and stuff it into a new pillowcase. They were great; full, heavy, and moldable. I used one for years. It gave me great support and I woke every morning pain free and refreshed.

And then it was gone. One of my children adopted it and the perfect pillow was lost to history.

Patients regularly complain of difficulty finding a good pillow. One that supports their head and neck, allowing them to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep comfortably, and wake up pain free and refreshed.

I used to have a pillow source in Sweden. My office stocked them for years. They came in two sizes and worked for 80% of my patients. Sadly, they are out of business. Since then, I have not been able to find a pillow that I can whole heartedly recommend.

Finding the perfect pillow has become a journey for my patients. I have taken the stance as the reference and not the source for their journey. I no longer carry neck pillows in my office but provide the links below for them to search and select their own. I am sure you can also find additional ones online. I have also posted my wife's reviews for two of the pillows.

Why does your neck hurt in St. Charles IL?

Neck pain is caused from loose ligaments that no longer tightly hold together the seven bones of your neck. From time and injury, they get loose. As a result, the muscles must do that job by being too tight. When you lie down to sleep, so do the muscles. Without that extra muscle support, the joints take the load and shift. The result, neck pain.

What you do to get a pain free night's sleep

Exercises -

With less ligamentous support, you need more muscle coordination and activation. Not just muscle strength, but more importantly resting muscle firmness to hold up the joints during the day and night.

Any kind of exercise can help coordinate, turn on, the neck muscles. They must work hard to hold your head on while you move. Making them more active, allows them to work less hard to do their job.

Targeted rehabilitation exercise help this even more. That is where we come in. I have designed an exercise program targeting neck muscle coordination for our patients. Done daily, most of our patients find relief. This is the best way we have to make necks pain free at rest despite the pillow choice.

We will be posting the home exercises online in the next several months so stay tuned.  For now, if you want to try our home exercises, call and schedule for a free session. Maybe we can make you the star of our online video and have them available to everyone.

Chiropractic care -

Be careful. Too much adjusting can further loosen the joints in your neck causing more pain. The standard chiropractic program involves three session per week for months. This can be bad. Adjusting the neck occasionally and specifically helps manage chronic pain. That is what we do.

BTW - At the office we have a prescription pillow available. Measurements of your head, neck and shoulders are taken. We document if you are a side or back sleeper, and the mattress type. Our supplier manufactures a pillow based upon these criteria.  I use this pillow. Most of my patients do not. The downside is cost. At $165, most people prefer to try two or three others, attempting to find a perfect fit. The upside is it works incredibly well.

Check out the links and reviews below and good luck on your pillow journey.

Be Well,

Dr. Mark

Good online review of multiple pillows:

Shredded memory foam pillow: Mark from Gold Eagle, one of our onsite treatment companies, says this one is great.

D-Core pillow: Dottie said this one is good. It was easy getting used to and provided adequate support.

Tri-core Ultimate: Dottie said this one was excellent. A was a little harder to get used to but worth the wait. It has multiple sleep surfaces which worked well for her being a side, back and stomach sleeper.


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