5 Pillars of Living Longer in St. Charles IL

How to Not Die, aka: 5 Pillars of Living Longer in St. Charles IL

5 Pillars of Living Longer in St. Charles IL

U.S. employers are focused on the health of their employees. They decided the present healthcare environment focuses on disease.  To keep their employees happy, healthy, and present, they have stepped up to promote wellness.

A good summary that we read at our clinic in St. Charles IL of their successful focus on staying healthy, involves five areas of life needed to live longer and feel better.

Five Pillars of Health in St. Charles IL:

  1. Physical Health - Exercise, eat healthy, get your sleep, get adjusted.
  2. Social Health - Learn how to, and work at maintaining, healthy relationships with your friends and family.
  3. Community Involvement - Giving back, being involved in, and helping others in your community makes us all live longer.
  4. Financial Health - Learning and applying good financial management significantly reduces mental and physical stress.
  5. Spiritual, Sense of Purpose - Work on your spirituality, go to church, and constantly work on your sense of purpose. This makes life worth living and gives us a foundation to stand on. Corporate America's take on this subject involves the new concepts of Mindfulness and Resilience.

If your company promotes these pillars, take advantage of the programming. If not, find your area of weakness and work at strengthening it. There is a multitude of free education and information you can access on your phone.

We discuss and promote these items with all our patients and corporate clients. We have loads of information and references. Feel free to ask us questions. You can also invite us to your workplace. We can add to your company's efforts on the Five Pillars of Health. For more information contact Fox Valley Chiropractic Physicians today.

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