Over the Counter Pain Meds That Can Kill You in St. Charles IL

Over the Counter Pain Meds That Can Kill You in St. Charles IL

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Over the Counter Pain Medications That Can Kill You
Ibuprofen, Advil, Acetaminophen, Aleve, Tylenol, and many others have been shown to cause cancer, intestinal injury, brain, heart, blood vessel, liver and kidney damage. The first article below notes that using these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) two or more times per week increases your risk of kidney cancer by 300%. Read on to learn more from our St. Charles IL chiropractic team.

Over the Counter Drugs in St. Charles IL

I was at Sams Club. Walking down the aisle I witnessed the largest bottle of Ibuprofen ever made. I thought to myself, who would buy that? I started to pay attention to what people told me daily in practice, and then it hit me. Apparently everyone does. We all seem to nonchalantly pop a couple of pills when we have some pain. It seems the headache sufferers are the biggest fans.

Everyone knows if you have pain reach for the bottle of _____________. (insert your favorite pain medication here) Apparently I grew up on a different planet. My mother had a bottle of aspirin so old it didn't have an expiration date. When we had pain, we went to the chiropractor.

The research supporting my opening statement was taken from the medical literature in the last 3 months. There is much more to support the fact that those simple over the counter pain medications, that we all use over and over, have permanently damaging and fatal side effects. Apparently the information doesn't make the news. We have all been taught to reach for the pills to get through the day. I am so sorry.

Pain is not a condition. It is a notice from your body that something is wrong. Addressing the pain with pills, and not the cause of the symptoms, has life threatening consequences. My recommendation, see your chiropractor. Fix the muscle, nerve and joint problems that are causing your pain. If he can't help you help yourself, he will direct you to someone who can.

Below is a brief synopsis of the aforementioned studies.
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