Pain Relief in St. Charles IL, Without The Crazy Never-Ending Treatment Programs

Pain Relief in St. Charles IL, Without The Crazy Never-Ending Treatment Programs

Pain Relief, Without The Crazy Never-Ending Treatment Programs

Pain relief in St. Charles IL, "not like the other chiropractors"

"Not like the other chiropractors", That is how our patients describe care at our office in St. Charles IL. It is the best they can say, and quite the compliment. After feeling better and being released from care they are at a loss for words. The average number of visits for our patients is seven. That is definitely not like the other chiropractors.

They are amazed and have friends and family suffering with chronic pain. They care and want them to feel better too. The person they are trying to refer regularly brings up the bad reputation my profession has made. Everybody knows chiropractors over treatment, over charge, and under deliver results. To convince them we are different they utter the words, "not like the other chiropractors". When it works and they come in for their appointments, their referral experiences rapid pain relief from our treatment. Then the cycle repeats itself and they find themselves convincing others by using the words "not like the other chiropractors".

One year of treatment and thousands of dollars

It is normal for patients to arrive at our office with treatment recommendations from other chiropractors. It usually involves more than thirty-six treatments and three thousand dollars. I have seen them top out with a one-year treatment recommendation costing seventeen thousand dollars. They are confused about the recommendation and its promises to fix their spinal curves and relieve multiple unrelated diseases.

After a thorough examination, I explain what they truly need to feel better faster and stay better longer.

Pain Free with the Rapid Recovery Difference

From my decades of experience, I have developed what we call the Rapid Recovery Difference. In part it separates us from "not like the other chiropractors". It also focuses on what the patient needs, fast pain relief. Our average new patient in pain takes seven visits to recover.

It is also different than most other health care practitioners. We avoid the watchful waiting practiced in medicine, hoping the patient will self-resolve. We have exercise protocols like physical therapists. However we make that part, not all, of the treatment session. Massage therapist only work the muscle, feeling that is the cause of pain. We provide doctor-based massage techniques to address all the soft tissue which affects patient recovery. And yes, we adjust. That is an essential part of a patient's total recovery.

Pain Free with an individualized approach

Occasionally it takes longer than seven sessions. Here is one of those stories.

I had a patient in their forties who had pain in her hip joint. It was severely degenerated at a young age. The joint needed to be replaced. She had the surgery and went through all prescribed physical therapy. After she was released, the pain continued. It was a complex case that also included back pain and ligament laxity.

I knew there were a lot of issues with the back aggravating the hip pain, and the hip pain bothering the back. She had pain most of the day and was frequently unable to find a comfortable position. A life-long exerciser, she had left that out long before the joint replacement surgery.

I told her she needed eighteen treatments. On the thirteenth session, I released her. She was pain free, and slightly disappointed. Maybe it was more shocked, but it came off as let-down. She said, "you told me it would take eighteen treatments". I confirmed with her that the pain was gone, and she was back to regular exercise. She agreed the treatment had been a success. We planned a one month follow up to assure her recovery from the chronic pain. She was satisfied.

Even though we have a seven-visit recovery average with our Rapid Recovery Difference, some people take longer. On the other side, some patients are released from care pain free in fewer sessions. Patients that come in with milder conditions often resolve in four sessions of care.

If you want to see what "not like the other chiropractors" looks like, and get the rapid recovery you need, check out our testimonials and schedule your appointment.

Be Well,
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