7 Benefits of Gardening and Yardwork on Your Mental, and Physical Health in St. Charles IL

7 Benefits of Gardening and Yardwork on Your Mental, and Physical Health in St. Charles IL

Every day Is My Vacation in St. Charles IL

Many of you have asked over the last month, do you ever take a vacation? The answer is yes, I do.

Getting the opportunity to be with each of you at our clinic in St. Charles IL, letting me into your lives, relieving your pain, and accepting your gratitude is much better than a vacation.

When I get home, enjoying time with my wife, calling my children, and reveling in the feeling I have created in my house, is mind expanding. It relaxes me like I'm on a vacation.

Most people talk about their yard. I don't have a yard. I have a habitat. Even on the busiest days I take a walk around on my property. Enjoying my creation of bushes, trees, perennials, and the garden are like being on vacation. It clears my mind and cleanses stress from my body.

This time of year, I also view being outside working as my exercise program. Bending, weeding, mulching, pruning, and harvesting the garden give me the opportunity to move my body in all manner of directions to improve my long-term health.

I urge you to create your own vacation every day. Do something enjoyable, whether it's a hobby, or creating something you enjoy. Take time for yourself to cleanse your stress and lift your spirits. Make vacationing a daily event.

Best Day Ever

My wife and children all know one of my favorite sayings, "It's the Best Day Ever". Yesterday is gone forever. Tomorrow will never come. (Years ago, I was sitting at a bar in Wisconsin. Looking up at the bar back there was an old, stained sign. It said, "Free Beer Tomorrow". So, I came back the next day. Disappointingly there was no free beer. The sign still said, "Free Beer Tomorrow".) All you have is the now, so make each of your days, "The Best Day Ever".

Take time, enjoy who you are. Have gratitude for everything and everyone around you. You'll be on vacation.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones are areas of the world where people frequently live past one hundred years old. They also have an equal male-to-female population. Check out this link or go to www.bluezones.com to read a great article on the benefits of gardening for your mental health.


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