Back Pain Relief Guidelines From Dr. Mark in St. Charles IL

Back Pain Relief Guidelines From Dr. Mark in St. Charles IL

Back Pain Relief Guidelines From Dr. Mark

Medical doctors recommend chiropractic care in St. Charles IL for back pain!

Past medical research, and recent articles from Duke University Medical School and in the Journal of the American Medical Association, recommend chiropractic care for new or chronic low back pain. That is refreshing to see.

The recommendations also outline other treatment options to relieve back pain in St. Charles IL. Although well thought out, I feel they are short sited and have created my own.

Back Pain Relief Guidelines by Dr. Mark:

After three decades of treating patients with new or old low back pain, I have paid attention to what they say gives relief.

  • Ice your back. Wet cloth, ice pack, 15 minutes, repeat as needed. Check out the Pain Relief Prescription for Ice Heat and Medication under the Patient tab on our website (link). All our new patients get a free ice pack. When they use it, they feel better faster, and we see them less. If you want a free ice pack, with our name on it, stop by and ask for one.
  • Do your exercises. Do our exercises. Do any exercises. There are specific ones for low back pain. We have honed our exercise prescription into an outstanding program to progress patient recovery. You can start with any motion to get the muscles activated and support the joints that hurt and cause you pain. BTW - patients with low back pain are afraid to move, afraid they are going to make it worse. This is not true. Regular movement has been found to do the opposite and is encouraged to relieve and manage low back pain.
  • Brace your core - tightening your stomach, back, and sides like someone is going to punch you. This is a simple explanation of bracing your core. Do this before you move. If it hurts to move or bend, you didn't brace your core. Tighten your core, then move.
  • Get adjusted as needed. Joints get stuck, torn and hurt. This causes pain and muscle spasm. Adjusting the joints make them work right so muscle don't spasm and everything can heal. Too much adjusting can make it worse. Don't see someone who puts you on their 36-visit plan. That's too much.
  • Other stuff we found that works:
    • We have a specialized doctor-based massage from Italy called Stecco Fascial Manipulation which helps relieve and manage new and chronic low back pain. Adding it to the above treatment recommendations really fixes a lot of patients fast.
    • Massage with tools, Graston Technique, has also been beneficial for patients suffering with low back pain for a long time.
    • Natural anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric can help. See the Pain Relief Prescription for Ice Heat and Medication under the Patient tab on our website. You will also see recommendations on how to use over the counter medication to get some relief.

Chronic low back pain ages your brain, making you old before your time. Do stuff to feel better. Get help as needed. I don't want you to get soft and mushy in the head prematurely.

Be Well,

Dr. Mark


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