Coronavirus Update

Office closed. Dr. Glesener remains available to provide emergency care, and telehealth services.

“Illinois Chiropractic Society has advocated that chiropractic care is extremely important to the health care of patients and in the current COVID-19 environment, chiropractic care is essential for musculoskeletal pain patients.  In the absence of our doctors’ care, these patients would need to turn to emergency rooms, which would tax an already-overly burdened system or may not even be able to serve them, or they would turn to non-contact treatment such as opioids and other addictive medications.”

To comply with the Governor’s executive-order the office is closed. However, I am still here to help.

Dr. Glesener remains available for the following.

  • Phone consultations – BCBS is now accepting new codes for doctors to provide telehealth services during this time. Non-BCBS patients may be charged for these calls depending on length of time provided. I anticipate this demand will be low, and there will be no charge for the initial 10-minutes of service. Call me for help and advice.
  • Emergency care – The emergency departments are busy. It’s my job to keep you out of the hospital. Per Illinois Chiropractic Society recommendations, and my personal beliefs, I will be available to treat patients in my office for emergency situations. To me this includes pain, which is not relieved with the recommendations below, prevents you from sitting, resting, and sleeping comfortably. Call my cell phone – 630-747-8844, email me – or contact me through our website – I will discuss the option of seeing you in the office.
  • Further recommendations:
    • Ice your pain. Put a damp towel between you and the icepack. Ice it for 15-minutes. Twice per day is helpful. You can ice the painful area up to 15-minutes every hour.
    • Do your exercises. If they help, continue. If they make it worse, stop.
    • Keep moving. No matter how much it hurts, get up and walk around the house every hour.
    • Nutritional help:
      • There are many nutritional supplements that reduce swelling. Try some of those.
      • Dietarily, eat your vegetables, healthy proteins and healthy fats. Drink your water.
      • More carbs equals more swelling and more pain. Avoid them to feel better.
    • Over the counter medication recommendations:
      • Most people feel Ibuprofen helps the most. Take it per bottle recommendations.
      • If you have more severe pain unrelieved with ice and Ibuprofen, emergency medical recommendations include alternating two Ibuprofen, waiting two hours and taking two Tylenol, waiting two hours and taking two Ibuprofen, repeat. When the pain starts to lessen, reduce dosages and increase time between them.
      • Aleve can also provide relief. The bottle recommends one every twelve hours. If the pain is not relieved, try two every two hours. Maintain dosage 1-2 weeks for continued relief.
      • If that doesn’t help, call me.

The earliest reopening date may be April 6th. We will maintain contact during this time to inform you if that date is still a go.