Do Nothing to Be Healthier Forever in St. Charles IL

Do Nothing to Be Healthier Forever in St. Charles IL

Do Nothing to Be Healthier Forever in St. Charles IL

Read on for some advice from our chiropractic clinic in St. Charles IL.

The Easiest Way to Be Healthier Forever: Do "nothing", that's the answer! Be healthier forever by doing nothing...

Clarifying that, don't go out of your way to do unhealthy things. Reserve you energy, time, and money. When tempted by that tasty morsel or sugary drink, don't do anything. Leave it lie. Don't touch it. Don't walk across the room for it. Don't open the refrigerator for it. Don't stop at Starbucks for the 1000 calorie drink. Leave the dollar menu at McDonalds alone. Keep on driving. Just do nothing.

On a more personal note, I recently added up the money I saved over the last year from doing slightly more than nothing. Here was the strategy. For each day I made coffee at home, I would put $2.00 in a cup in my car. Well actually, my wife made me the coffee. But, I would still put $2.00 in the cup in my car. For each day I brought my lunch from home, I would put $5.00 in the cup. Both of these amounts represented the money I felt I was saving by doing nothing and at the same time taking better care of myself. I could make a much healthier breakfast and lunch at home, and it was better than any fast food service had to offer. The total I saved for the year was $2,000. Not bad for doing slightly more than nothing.

Doing nothing is obviously not as easy as it seems. Remember, health is a journey not a destination. Not all the minutes, hours, and days practicing the elusive ways of better living are easy. Try to make it fun, or challenging, or rewarding or whatever it takes to get you out of bed and keep trying.

Keep Trying in St. Charles IL

Practice doesn't make us perfect but we need to keep working toward improving our health. There have been thousands of studies and papers written about ways to stop smoking. The only thing everyone can agree upon, that directly correlates with someone stopping smoking, is the number of times you have tried. The more times you attempt to quit smoking directly determines how likely you are to succeed. Improving your health takes the same strategy. Keep on keeping on. Everyday isn't going to be a good day. Wake up and try again tomorrow.

So keep on doing nothing. As soon as you accomplish that health strategy, start doing something to help yourself. You are the only one that can fix you. Get help supporting your efforts when needed. Take good care of yourself so you are happy with how you look and feel. This way you can live better and avoid costly and expensive healthcare.
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