The Secret to Living & Being Happier in St. Charles IL

The Secret to Living & Being Happier in St. Charles IL

The Secret to Living & Being Happier in St. Charles IL

Be happy. That's the secret.
If you fill out a Health Risk Assessment for your company, the key question is how happy you are with your life and how happy you are about your overall health. That's it. How you answer those two questions is the key component to how healthy you are.

Happiness, and therefore health, comes from within.

So how do you make that all better? Do something. Our clinic in St. Charles IL can help.

Health Tips In St. Charles IL

Look at your present health and pick something to work on. I recommend only one. Here is a short list:

  • Exercise daily. This can be cardio, stretching, and light weight lifting. You can go online or ask me about some routines that can help.
  • Eat better. Don't have the fries with that, take your lunch to work and don't put extra salt on that. Put some fruits and vegetables into your daily intake.
  • De-stress. Take 10 minutes per day to pray, meditate, nap, or diaphragm breathe.

All of these things have been shown to make you happier, healthier and to live longer. Pick one and try it for a couple of weeks. Mark a date on your calendar to evaluate how you feel. Go from there and pick another one to add on.

We all take care of our cars. They don't run well by themselves without a little tender loving care. Make a plan to take care of yourself. You will begin to "run" better and feel better. As you go along, you will find that you can answer that happiness question with an improving sense of well-being and satisfaction.

Live longer, be happier. Take some time for yourself and treat yourself better. It will show.
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