Your Doctors Are Making a Killing Off of You in St. Charles IL

Your Doctors Are Making a Killing Off of You in St. Charles IL

Your Doctors Are Making a Killing Off of You in St. Charles IL

My mother said to not say bad things about other people. She also told me to tell the truth. That's a tough conundrum.

Every profession has its problems, abusers, charlatans and hucksters. There are always people out there to sell you something you don't need and to lead you the wrong way. My profession is no different. The chiropractor prescribing and delivering 3 visits per week for 36 weeks, and making you pay up front for the potential uncovered cost, is crazy. At least he is not getting people addicted to pain medications, performing unnecessary and chronic pain inducing surgery.

It is challenging running a business that sells health in St. Charles IL and trying to teach people to be healthy so they don't see you. That's a little oxymoronic. Taking the high road and giving people the information and treatment they need, in my opinion, is the way to go.

Health Care as You Know It In St. Charles IL

That aside, health care as you know it does not have your health in mind. It is a money making machine. The leaders in making money from your health are the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This is followed closely by the AMA and politicians. I will quote some publically available facts to support this position, but I recommend reading this link to get more information.

The short story is, 84% of doctors admitted to a financial relationship with a drug company or surgical implant supplier. This resulted in an average physician profit of $1,000 per year. Keep in mind this is to use, prescribe or push products for their own financial benefit, not that of you the patient. That does not count the free lunches, dinners, trips and education hours from the pharmaceutical representatives. The American Medical Association, and your insurance company's policies, makes this amount pale in comparison.

Unfortunately the following Golden Rules apply.

Golden Rule #1: He who has the gold makes the rules. Axiom: The rule makers, make the rules that benefit them, not you.

Golden Rule #2: Where you stand on a subject or topic is determined by where you are sitting. If you are looking to make a profit for yourself, and gain power for your industry, Katie Bar the Door when it comes to people in your way. The powers that be in medicine, pharmaceutical companies and politics are there for their greater good, not yours.

So this is a heads up. I care. You need to be aware of what is happening in health care, the government and the powers that presently rule health care. As always, you can save money by eating well, exercising regularly and working on your mental and physical health. This goes farther toward making you healthier, happier and financially better off. It works better than anyone or anything else.
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