My St. Charles IL article published in a professional paper

My St. Charles IL article published in a professional paper

My St. Charles ILarticle published in a professional paper

Onsite Treatment
I go to companies, primarily in the food manufacturing industry, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It works out well for the employees. I see them and make most of them feel better. I'm there either before they start or after they are done with their shift. I wish the chiropractor would come to my office and treat me after work. They are appreciative of the convenience and improvement in their pains in St. Charles IL.

The companies benefit. Early intervention reduces work related injuries. Eliminating and reducing injuries with early intervention has many benefits. It saves money in future treatment, people stay at work so production does not suffer, workers' compensation expense is reduced. It can also keep OSHA off their backs (OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration). It makes their workers happier, more productive, and safer. It also helps the company handle something they know little to nothing about, peoples injuries and pain.

Why I do it in St. Charles IL

It makes me happy. I'm on this earth to make people feel better. I thrive on taking away peoples' pain and helping them take care of themselves. Treatment onsite is like the old TV show M*A*S*H. MASH stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. During the Korean War the initial treatment was on the front line of battle. The doctors did what they had to, and needed to, in any way possible, to save lives and get people better. That's what I do at companies. I work on patients next to the chocolate tunnel, in the conference room, in the lunch room, in the hall, outside the back door, in an office, in a kitchen. I work with them here and there, I work with them anywhere. I can fix them, so they say. I can fix them every day.

The money is good, but I must say the admiration by a satisfied and symptom free patient is priceless.

Apparently I am not the only chiropractor in the country who does this. I am however the one who wrote an article which was recently published in one of the top read magazines in my profession. I am quite proud of being published. If you would like to read it:
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