Drugs and Chickens in St. Charles IL

Drugs and Chickens in St. Charles IL

Drugs and Chickens in St. Charles IL

Who is watching the chickens?

Growing up in Iowa I learned that putting the fox in charge of the chicken house was not a good idea. Apparently medicine in St. Charles IL has not learned that the pharmaceutical companies are the fox, and they are the chickens.

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Human Nature in St. Charles IL

The results of a resent study asking medical doctors about their objectivity in response to receiving a favor in the form of a free lunch is as follows:

Human nature is what it is, no matter how smart you are. They don't realize their prescription habits are affected not only by the pharmaceutical representatives, but also the ads you see on TV. They have made you the pharmaceutical rep. Even though the medical profession is in denial, the pharmaceutical companies know the truth. There is a reason they spend millions of dollars in advertising and rep support. It pays off for them. You don't necessarily get better care and they are profiting.

As always, take care of yourself. Get adjusted so your body works better. Eat right, get some exercise. That has always been and always will be the best medicine.

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