Fascial Manipulation to Relieve Your Work Related Pain in St. Charles IL

Fascial Manipulation to Relieve Your Work Related Pain in St. Charles IL

Fascial Manipulation to Relieve Your Work Related Pain in St. Charles IL

Work Related Pain Relief with Fascial Manipulation

Alecia's whole arm hurt. She had right shoulder surgery in the past, but the pain came back. Protecting the shoulder, she had over used the entire arm. Now it hurt. It hurt all the time. It hurt working. It hurt at rest. It hurt when she tried to sleep. It woke her up at night. The shoulder had hurt for years. She didn't want another surgery. Medication didn't help anymore. Alecia was ready to stop working because of the pain.

Today Alecia is pain free in St. Charles IL. She works all day without arm and shoulder pain. She sleeps well at night. She manages her work stressors with exercise, so the pain doesn't come back.

Relief from Pain in St. Charles IL

The difference in Alecia's pain was Fascial Manipulation. I performed this treatment on her 6 times and her symptoms resolved. Fascial Manipulation is a new treatment out of Italy which targets rapid and long term recovery of chronic pain disorders. More information is available on our website, or online at the International Association of Fascial Manipulation. Fascial Manipulation works faster and better than anything I have ever seen to relieve pain - just ask Alecia.

We all work and we all accumulate stress to our bodies. We once thought all of the accumulation and wear was to the muscles and joints. We now know most of this stress and dysfunction is accumulated in the muscle's wrapper which is called the fascia. The accumulation is called scarring or adhesions. We used to call them knots or trigger points. Treatment to the fascial adhesion is beneficial in undoing the accumulation of these stressors and breaking down the adhesions. Once the fascial dysfunction is dealt with, exercise is essential in undoing the ongoing accumulation of wear we all get in life.

You probably thought I had a regular tee time or was helping out at a local soup kitchen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In fact, I work with local businesses, treating their employees onsite - that is where I met and treated Alecia. My work is my life. My passion remains helping people feel better any way I can, so the work I do at companies feeds my addiction.

We all have pain, but those patients who work assembly and repetitive motion jobs can have a bit more than the rest of us. My work with companies targets the early intervention and relief of symptoms before they become severe. My goals there are the same as in my office: keep people working, relieve pain and prevent injuries and surgeries.

In my onsite treatment, I primarily use Fascial Manipulation to get people instant relief and long term recovery for their pains. When they feel better after the Fascial Manipulation I add some exercises. This combination seems to be what it takes to make and keep us all feeling better. It's not all about the treatment, active patient participation is essential to staying pain free.

The exercises, in a work setting, are called micro-stretches. Instead of taking a lot of time out of your day to stretch, we teach stretching as part of your day. We all have a couple of seconds or minutes waiting for something today. By adding some simple exercises specifically targeted to unload the stress of your day, we can get short and long term pain relief. Adding a couple of micro-stretches in continually unloads the accumulation of wear. The result is long term pain relief and a happy patient.

If you are feeling the accumulation of work related stressors to your body - give me a call. We can talk about what you can do to help yourself feel better.

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