Eat Whatever You Like in St. Charles IL

Eat Whatever You Like in St. Charles IL

Eat Whatever You Like in St. Charles IL

New Research Science in St. Charles IL Allows You to Eat Whatever You Like and Live...Forever

Yes, the newest discoveries in science now allow you to eat whatever you want. You no longer need to concern yourself with avoiding your favorite foods that use to add pounds and have negative health effects. Called the Majic Pil, this new invention normalizes you blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and all other blood values without you doing anything. With this new frontier in medicine, exercise is also a thing of the past. You no longer need to sweat and toil at the gym. You can have a slim and trim body without any effort. With these breakthroughs, you can also drink and smoke without affecting your health. I am sure like all of you out there: to this I say, hallelujah and thank you modern medicine!

In addition to this new science, the Wesayso Corporation has recently come out with new body parts to replace your old ones that wear out. These are true high-tech aftermarket parts, not just your old low-tech knee and hip replacements. Long gone are the days when you limp around on that bad knee or hip. Now your old back can be new again or your bad heart will be whole again. With the complete part replacement program your whole body will feel and look like new. They even have specially designed exteriors you can slip into which make you younger, taller, stronger and better looking. Our technology has gone so far as to even improve your personality.

With all of that taken care of, they are now working on eliminating humans altogether. They will soon be coming out with robots so we don't even need to exist to keep whatever we are trying to do running.

The Reality in St. Charles IL

Now that was silly. I started with what we all want to hear. Science has fixed it so we don't need to take care of ourselves. We all want a pill. We never did anything wrong to harm our health. We want someone else to fix our body, and return it back to us when it's fixed. I took this to the logical endpoint. If we don't have any responsibility, why should we even be here?

I care for you. I hope you care enough for you, to take care of yourself. Eat your vegetables, exercise, get enough sleep, and drink your water. You will live longer, be healthier and visit your doctors less.
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