Headache Relief in St. Charles IL

Headache Relief in St. Charles IL

Headache Relief in St. Charles IL

Headaches are the most common medical complaint in the United States. One out of every six Americans suffers from pain in their head. The list of headache types in St. Charles IL include: Migraine, Tension, Cluster, Sinus, Eye Strain, Hormonal, Medication Induced, Hangover, Mixed Headache Syndrome, Chronic Migraine, Caffeine or Drug Withdrawal.

My concern is the over diagnosis and over medication of headache pain. Over use of headache medication can cause rebound headaches. That stinks. The medication that relieved your headache, gives you a headache. I frequently see anyone who reports a bad headache gets a diagnosis of a migraine. The use of over the counter pain medication causes thousands of deaths every year. The statistics are alarming. The amount of pain, disability and death is concerning.

Managing anything solely with medication is short sighted. One of my friends is a medical doctor. In response to someone with high cholesterol having eggs, sausage, and bacon for breakfast he said, "There's a medication for that". My response, "Yes there is".

There is medication for headaches, elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar, and the gout. However management with a healthy lifestyle goes a longer way to improving or eliminating the condition than the medication. Think of medication as the Emergency Room at your local hospital. It's great to have it when you need it, but you try to take care of yourself so you don't have to go there.


Drink some water, most of us are dehydrated.

Exercise: cardiovascular, stretching, yoga, etc, etc, etc. Do something and move around some.

Eat your fruits and vegetables, that's where most of your vitamins come from.

Take your vitamins. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce headaches.

Reduce your stress: take ten minutes a day and pray, meditate, nap, deep breath, etc.

Get your sleep.

Don't clench or grind your teeth. Don't suck or chew your cheeks.

Don't sit all day. Get up and move every 30 minutes.

Redesign your work station to reduce chronic muscular stress and bad muscle memory.

Try an orthopedic neck pillow.

Get a massage.

Get adjusted by your chiropractor.

I find most headaches respond well to chiropractic care. Working with the joints, muscles and fascia of the head and neck can eliminate the intensity and frequency of headaches. The medical research supports these treatments. Simple conservative treatment goes a long way in the relief, management, and prevention of headaches.

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