Medicine, Money and Your Health in St. Charles IL

Medicine, Money and Your Health in St. Charles IL

Medicine, Money and Your Health in St. Charles IL

Don't take care of yourself. There is a drug for that.

In my last blog, I quoted my friend. He is a medical doctor. He said during breakfast one day, you could eat what you wanted. The pharmaceutical companies make a drug to counteract your bad choices and bad habits.

Apparently that is what we as Americans now believe. There has been a 600% increase in spending on medication in the United States since 1990. Do you make 600% more income than you did in 1990? That's a lot. Eleven percent of all American are on one medication permanently. Five is the average number of medications you are on over the age of 60. We have been taught medication is healthy in St. Charles IL.

This all seems very normal to most of us. My friend came in as a patient. In his history review I asked him, "are you on any medications". He said, "no". I noted his blood pressure was a little high. He responded, "I'm just on the normal amount of blood pressure medication". Is that what it has come to? We are all on normal amounts of medication? Medication is normal?

I'm sorry but this is well past insanity. We spend more on our health care than any other country in the world and rank 31st out of 191 countries for overall health. It is estimated our children will have a shorter life span than our present generation. Is that what medication is winning us? What are we missing?

My mother, Vesta, just turned 88. She isn't on any medication. I consider that normal. Apparently, I am not the normal one.

The Chiropractic Difference in St. Charles IL

In the land of crazy, the medical doctor just wants to give you drugs. If you have a symptom, he has a medication for that. Further down the path comes the chiropractor. If you have a symptom he has an adjustment for that. The medical doctor always has more drugs and the chiropractor always has more treatment. Stop the insanity. Make the bad men stop.

Did you know that nutrition is the most important aspect of health.

Right after the importance of eating healthy is exercise. There's no drug for that.

We must all make our own sanity. I would love to see you once a week for an adjustment and tell you that's good for you. It's not. I don't own stock in pharmaceutical companies. I just don't agree with the over medication of the world. Please take care of yourself. It makes you live longer. It saves you money. I'll still be here when you need me. Everything wears out and is in need of some repair and maintenance. Use the chiropractor and the medical doctor wisely. Take medication when necessary and work hard at avoiding it when at all possible.

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