Low Back Pain Specialist in St. Charles IL

Low Back Pain Specialist in St. Charles IL

Low Back Pain Specialist in St. Charles IL

Low Back Pain "Sepcialist"?

Before the age of personal computers you wrote up marketing material and sent it to someone to be type set. After proofing and typesetting, they sent it back to you for your signature. Once you signed it, everything wrong with the piece, that they proofed and typeset, was your fault. I wrote an article for my patients called "Doctor Glesener's Special Report". The typesetter proofed and set the article. I signed it. We printed hundreds of copies and mailed them.

One week later one of my English teacher patients sheepishly brought in a copy of the article. She pointed to the title and said," Do you see anything wrong with this?" Unfortunately, I did. I had approved "Dr. Glesener's Sepcial Report". From that point forward my children and I refer to anything that is more special than special as, sepcial.

So who is your low back pain specialist in St. Charles IL? For that matter who do you trust to take care of your aches and pains? Let's review your options.

Your Options in St. Charles IL

There were two studies published more than 5 years ago. They asked the simple question, who is qualified to treat nerve, muscle, and joint pain? It was a simple test with less than 30 questions. They gave it to doctors going into practice after their internship and residency. The passing rate was less than 20%. Several years later they gave it to a similar group of doctors, and included their professors. The passing rate for that group was slightly higher than 20%.

The moral of the story is we are all specialists. On average your family doctor, general practitioner, pediatrician, and internal medicine doctor does not specialize in treating nerve, muscle, and joint injuries.

Where do you go? If you have a nerve, muscle, or joint injury there are several doctors of choice. The most qualified in non-surgical treatment is your chiropractor. Next in line, for more aggressive treatment, is the orthopedic surgeon. He is second because he never had a class in physical therapy, exercise, nutritional support of injuries, chiropractic manipulation, mobilization, Graston, Fascial Manipulation, massage, etc. There are other physicians involved in treating these conditions. They include rheumatologist, physiatrists, neurologist and pain management doctors. They also missed most of the classes in conservative treatment. In short the chiropractor is the doctor of choice.

I feel it all comes down to your tool box. If the only tool you have is a hammer, you might be tempted to use it on everything that comes your way. You can put a screw into a board with a hammer. However, a screw driver does a much better job, more quickly and with less collateral damage.

I don't know everything. But one of my strengths is I know what is in my tool box. I also know what is in everyone else's tool box. The standard of treatment for nerve, muscle, and joint injuries is a 2-6 week conservative trial. If you get better, great. If you do not, a referral is indicated. I frequently refer to all of the medical specialties mentioned above. I know what they can do when I can't fix you. I know when you need something else I do not have. Unfortunately they do not.

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