6 Exercises to Never Do in St. Charles IL

6 Exercises to Never Do in St. Charles IL

6 Exercises to Never Do in St. Charles IL

Exercise, good - Too much exercise, bad - Bad exercise, worst
I see injuries from people doing no exercise. I see people in St. Charles IL hurt from doing exercise wrong. Keep on exercising but please change these things:

Side Flys - lifting dumbbells or cables away from the side or your body. This is an OK exercise if your arms never go above 45 degrees, or half way to horizontal. Why?
I have found that doing side flys with a lot of repetitions damages the rotator cuff. This is particularly true in women. I don't know if it is because they have daintier shoulders, or they are mostly the ones who do those classes. Either way, this motion abuses the supraspinatus muscle of the rotator cuff causing wear, pain and injury.

Deadlifts - I think this is an excellent exercise for a well-trained, conditioned, coached and spotted athlete. If you are not one of these, leave this one out. Why?
It frequently injures the back if you are not bracing your core while you do the lift.
Come see me to show you how to brace your core. It too needs coaching and practice.

Front Squats - People get hurt holding the bar in front of them when they do squats. Not sure why:
Use the machines, or put the bar on your shoulders.

Lunges - Do them right and you are fine. Don't let the knee go over the foot and toes, at all. I show this exercise to all of my knee patients. Why?
Doing it wrong causes unnecessary knee and hip problems.
No one ever got it right the first time I showed them.

Push-Ups - Back to the dainty shoulder crowd. Women over 40, any female doing a lot of them, people doing them with the elbows out instead of next to the body; they all get hurt. Why?
My apologies but you have petite shoulders with petite shoulder muscles. I frequently see rotator cuff and labral cartilage injuries in women of all ages doing too many push-ups.
The same goes for planking on your elbows. Don't hold the position for a long time. Achieve the plank position and hold it for up to 10 breathes, then release and repeat.

Sit-Ups - Sit ups are not core!!! Your core is your whole middle, not just the front of you. Don't do whole bunches of them. Why?
Throw in some supermans and back extensions to balance you off. Your back should be up to 30% stronger than your front. If you only strengthen the front, you are going to hurt your back. The body is all about balance. Doing too many sit-ups without counter balancing exercises to strengthen the back, throw off this important balance.

Exercise Alternatives of St. Charles IL

I usually see this in men shooting for a flat stomach. Try some other exercise and eliminate the carbohydrate load. Diet always trumps exercise for overall health, and a flat stomach.
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