Live Longer and Be Happier in St. Charles IL

Live Longer and Be Happier in St. Charles IL

Live Longer and Be Happier in St. Charles IL

Do you want to live longer? My first suggestion is "Don't be an Eeyore". You know; the donkey from Winnie the Pooh. He is always going around expecting things to turn out badly. They bring everyone, including themselves, down.
Besides that, take some lessons from the people in the world that live the longest and healthiest lives. They have been identified in regions called "Blue Zones". That is in reference to the blue ink that Dan Buettner and his research team used to circle the areas with the highest life expectancies on a map.

Today's lesson in St. Charles IL is Natural Movement.

Keep Moving In St. Charles IL

People in Blue Zones, either by choice or necessity, are physically challenged by their environment. They garden, they walk, and they lack some of our conveniences for house and yard work.

Don't think about getting rid of your car and your washing machine. Think about moving more. Park away from the store, take the stairs, bend and pick up the stuff you see on the floor and in the parking lot, lift and carry your groceries in multiple trips, walk the hallway and stairs sideways, walk backward when it's safe and no one is looking, practice standing on one leg with your eyes open, if you are really good to try it with your eyes closed, get a therapy ball and put it in front of the TV so you can do bodyweight exercises during commercials, use your imagination and the power of Google to find thousands of other things to do to keep moving and stay healthy. The gym is always there, but creativity can be just as good and easier on the wallet. It is better to work on being active all day than to exercise for only an hour a day.

Here is a life lesson from the gym.

A competitor in the World's Strongest Man competition had to stop in the middle of the competition. He had trained hard at the gym, doing everything possible to prepare himself for the event. He said he felt like his heart was going to explode and walked away from the competition. The reality was, his heart was probably going to explode. Frustrated, he returned to his farm in Colorado and decided to change his training. He opted to change his farm work and use his human power whenever possible. Obviously not replacing his tractor with himself, he did however lift, carry, and drag things that were heavy and awkward on a frequent basis. Using his environment to strengthen and condition his body for a year, he won the competition the following year.

What is the life lesson to live longer? Get up and move….
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