Save Your Life in St. Charles IL

Save Your Life in St. Charles IL

Save Your Life in St. Charles IL

Read on for more information from our clinic in St. Charles IL on living well.

Save your life. Your mother probably didn't say it this way, but she did tell you to sit up straight.

My mother, Vesta, worded it like this, "Stand up straight. You look so much better if you do. Oh, look at those boys over there, they would look so much nicer if they stood up straight."

Other than your mother being right or wrong in other things, depending on if you have issues with her, in this case, she was right. Research shows slouching while standing or sitting is bad for your health. It has many bad effects on your ability to breathe and digest. It can cause many types of muscle, nerve, and joint injuries.

In our high-tech world of laptops, cell phones, video games, comfortable couches, and huge TVs our posture has suffered. As a result, so has our health. I see it in young and old people alike. Sitting has been classified by medicine as the new smoking. In other words, the detriments to your health from sitting all day, are not equivalent to smoking cigarettes.

Standing up In St. Charles IL

My advice: stand up, sit up, hold your phone up and get a docking station for your laptop.

Live longer and feel better. Watch your posture. And, for you parents out there wanting your offspring to have good posture, look at yourself first. On average, children have mimicked their parent's posture. If you see them slouching, they have learned it from one of the adults in their lives.
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