Thank You All for the Successful Fundraiser in St. Charles IL

Thank You All for the Successful Fundraiser in St. Charles IL

Thank You All for the Successful Fundraiser in St. Charles IL

Thank you all for the successful fundraiser in St. Charles IL for the Salvation Army.
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Every year I head the Koats for Kids program with my Rotary group, the Tri-cities Salvation Army, the Bee Hive Tavern and Kohl's department store. Helping kids have new winter coats gets me going. Growing up with hand-me-downs, and second-hand coats from the thrift store, motivates me to help out others. I think keeping kids warm in a new coat is cool. So, thank you to everyone who helped, participated in, and donated to the St. Charles Breakfast Rotary Koats for Kids fundraiser this year. Thanks to you we eclipsed last year's totals.

I feel new coats are an essential part of our program. We use the proceeds from our event to purchase them from Kohl's and donate them to the local Salvation Army. They distribute them in their Christmas shopping program that allows families in need to get Christmas presents for their children.

This year's totals in St. Charles IL are:

We raised $5,465 in donations and proceeds from our raffle, $1,000 from our Rotary Club and $1,000 from a Rotary District matching grant.
On Wednesday we purchase 91 coats with our proceeds.
Kohl's gave us 30% off our coat purchases and we got $1470 in Kohl's cash.
We will take the Kohl's cash and purchase an additional 18 coats this week for a grand total of 109 coats.
That's what gets me going this time of year. Find out what gets you going and go do it. Helping other people is always a good way to start.

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