Medicine Working With Chiropractic in St. Charles IL

Medicine Working With Chiropractic in St. Charles IL

Medicine Working With Chiropractic in St. Charles IL

Medicine Working With Chiropractic

Keeping you pain free in St. Charles IL and at work is good for you and your company. Some medical groups specialize in this. They work at keeping you and your company healthy. A recent study, in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, the Cerner Corporation found that the addition of chiropractic care was highly beneficial in doing both of those. It showed a reduction in employee pain from headaches, neck pain and back pain. It also showed reduced cost, and improved employee satisfaction with care.

Your body is under stress in St. Charles IL

Whether you sit at a desk, drive a truck, or work in manufacturing, your body is under stress. This stress can be static, from prolonged sitting. It can also be dynamic, from excessive repetitive movement, or from heavy or awkward lifting. Most jobs have both. These stressors lead to pain and injury.

The pains we suffer affect our ability to work. They can reduce your effectiveness at work, or cause you to miss work. The disability can be as simple as a headache, or as complex as a disc herniation. Either way your production, health and ability to work are compromised. You suffer, and your employer suffers. The lost work and healthcare expense are a burden to both of you.

In the Cerner Corporation the medical doctors worked with the chiropractors to give people effective healthcare, and a cost saving. I too work with local companies, onsite, offering similar services. At these manufacturing facilities the management has found significant cost savings. The employees are highly satisfied with the pain relief they receive. Keeping them pain free and at work benefits them and their company. If they do not improve with my care, I refer them to the appropriate doctor for more invasive procedures. Working together, optimal care is provided to everyone.

Referral between medical doctors and chiropractors has now become common. Both professions have their place in patient care. Keeping you at work and pain free is the most important goal for both of us. Hopefully this trend will expand within our professions for the benefit of you, our patient.
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